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there are too many activities in the area to describe them all.

Kolasin and surroundings are rich of natural beauty and outdoor activities.

Below we will give you some suggestions.

horse riding bjelasica mountain

Horse riding

horse ride tours

We organize tours from one hour up to multi-day riding tours you can see the most beautiful mountains and mountain lakes of Montenegro 

it is desirable to have basic horse riding skills, and if you do not? we also offer a riding class.

River Tara Canyon

Tara rafting

It is sometimes called the tear of europe, the Tara river. Rafting on the tara is mind blowing, rafting through the deepest canyon of Europe will get your adrinaline going!

hiking bjelasica kolasin


hike along the crystal clear streams and freshwater springs of lipovo, there are trails that go to the top of the mountains, there are also marked hiking trails.

in Kolasin 

Bjelasica stands out because of her beauty. This pastoral mountain invites nature lovers for an easy hike with breath-taking views. 

rent a bike

Mountain Biking

Rent a mountain bike and cycle through the vast valleys or take one of the mountain bike trails.

Hiking in Biogradska Gora

Bio gradska gora

The Biogradska Gora National Park covers 1600 hectares and is one of Europe's last three rain forests. This beautiful park consists of forest, glacial lakes and mountain ridges. Most trees in the forest are more than 500 years old with heights up to 60 meters.

Ski center kolasin 1600

Winter activaties 

14 km of slopes are available for skiing and snowboarding.

There are also other winter activities such as cross-country skiing, sleeping in a iglo, snowshoe walking and snowmobile tours.

lipovo cave hotel

Bistrica spring 

visit the nearby spring that makes its way to our land. when there is low water you can even go inside the cave.  

Tara bridge hotel

Tara Bridge - zipline

Encounter the world’s second deepest canyon with Montenegro’s longest and best zipline. You will shoot across the Tara Canyon at speeds that range up to 80 to 100 km/hr. As you shuttle 1050 m across the canyon suspended in the air, you’ll get a thrill and a view as you zip along.

4x4 safari hotel

4x4 Safari - quad riding

deserted paths, wild nature,  and sights with you can only dream of! the tourgids will drive you throw lipovo right up to the mountains. Its also possible to provide traditional meals if requested in a cabin on the mountain.

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